BIELUGA Expedition project appeared in the media due to the combination of the interesting and original subject and the hard work of the organizing team. During BIELUGA Expedition 2005 every day expedition news were reaching over 300 journalists and editorial teams. Newsletters were sent to subscribers whose addresses were in BIELUGA mail data base, which was created between May and July 2005. Another very important channel of communication were press releases and intranet news sent over by the project's partners.

Four communication centers function simultaneously as part of the project (view the scheme):

Internet website is based on the Content Management System, which provides the viewers with the access to any necessary materials - from the basic information of an accidental internet user to the templates of customs documents, technical details concerning car equipment and multi media materials for journalists.

Internet Press Room is based on the technology of netPR, which is BIELUGA's parter. The system guarantees fast and measurable information circuit, search engine optimization, and convenient and user-friendly interface, an advantage particularly important in the conditions of internet cafes in the east with slow satellite connections. The same technology is also applied in the internet press offices of Polish biggest companies and financial institutions, e.g. BRE Bank, Pekao SA, mBank, PTK Centertel.

Stationary Press Office, which is organized in cooperation with Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management in Warsaw, is open 24 hours a day. It is equipped with computers, connectivity and separate room adjacent to a conference room.

Mobile Press Room is the core of the project. Perfect traction attributes and reliability were guaranteed by the combination of three elements: Nissan Patrol GR off-road car, durable BF Goodrich tire, and the MileMarker hydraulic winch. The "office" equipment included:

- HP Compaq Tablet PC tc 1 100
- HP Notebook
- Widescreen GPS receiver
- Satellite telephone (with software and equipment guaranteeing internet access)
- A set of photo cameras
- Software ( photo, video, GPS navigation, satellite connectivity)
- Hardware guaranteeing the compatibility of all office equipment elements and functioning in traveling conditions (cabling, chargers, batteries, CDs, CD Roms, DVDs, etc.)
- Independent internal electric installation 220 V

Thanks to the courtesy of Michal Rej, who was one of the Expedition participants, the above mentioned equipment was duplicated in the second car (Land Rover Discovery equipped with connectivity and satellite navigation as well as with photography and computer equipment), which provided help in emergency.




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