The project's partners are persons, companies and institutions, who, through sharing their knowledge or technologies, contributed to the efficient organization of the Expeditions' informative part.

BIELUGA Expedition project is based solely on the best solutions on the Polish and international market, without the compromises typical of the partner contracts. If there is no possibility of barter cooperation with a leader in a given sector, the organizers use the standard, paid offer - the personified system of newsletter mailing being an example. Selection of the partners who were invited to cooperate was made on the basis of the opinion of experts specializing in the given sector. The aim of such a strategy is a venture launched on solid and verified foundations.

BIELUGA Expedition 2006

We already encourage companies and institutions to cooperate on the next expedition, especially if their products and services are reliable and of high quality and have the potential to become an important element of BIELUGA Expedition 2006.
We guarantee financial and organizational transparency of the project, with strong emphasis on the significance of the cooperation with a specific customer, as well as attractive conditions of promotion.

So far we have benefited from the opportunities, knowledge, and experience of the following companies and institutions:

- netPR (e-pressroom)

- (hosting)

- BF Goodrich (Michelin, off-road tires)

- HP (technology solutions for information project)

-Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management (Stationary Press Room)

- Wikipedia (Official support of information part of the project BIELUGA)

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