The organizers of the project are travelers related to the Warsaw Automotive Tourism Club - Penetrator which can be proud of such achievements as car expeditions in the regions of Siberia, Caucasus, Crimea, Russia, Kalmykia, and Georgia, as well as such projects as transporting church bells to the Japanese Sea or testing the Russian tactical vehicle Vodnik.

The organizers are specialists in off-road cars, aviation transport, travelers, journalists from Poland, Russia and Ukraine, graphic designers, IT specialists, and translators.

View the REFERENCES (in Polish) of the organizers written after the events organized so far by the Warsaw Automotive Tourism Club - Penetrator.

Przemyslaw Maciazek Katarzyna Tolwinska

We would like to thank Iwona Kaliszewska and Karolina Duleba for a great support in preparing information part of the project BIELUGA Expedition dedicated to Georgia. We recommend the website (in Polish), where you can find many unique photos from Caucasus countries.

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