Can teams other than Polish participate in BIELUGA?
Certainly! Any experienced team from any country can take part in BIELUGA. You are all more than welcome!

What kind of car can be used in BIELUGA Expedition?
Any modified or serial off-road car (do not confuse it with a SUV), allowed to EU roads traffic, equipped with MT tires, a winch, a roof rack but without plastic bumpers, spoilers etc., elements that could limit its off-road attributes.

Can I take part in BIELUGA if I do not have my own car?
Yes. Contact us - we will surely find a solution. You can also rent a car from one of the rent-a-car companies that provide that kind of service (it only concerns BIELUGA Expedition 2005).

Can a gas-powered car take part in the Expedition?
Unfortunately not. There are very few gas stations on the route offering the propane-butane mixture.

Is the Third Party Liability insurance of the EU countries compulsory on the route?
Not everywhere. However, regardless of the regulations in a given country (e.g. allowing for traveling without insurance), every team should buy a local TPI policy.

What to do in case of a car breakdown?
In the case of a minor breakdown the organizer or other participants will surely provide help. In the case of a car breakdown as a result of which continuing the journey is impossible, the team will have to transport the vehicle back to the country at their own cost.

Will some members of the team be able to come back earlier?
Yes. We will pass about ten airports on our way, all offering flights to Europe. This means refunding the unused amount of the registration fee (it only applies to BIELUGA Expedition 2005).

You do not provide any information for the motorcyclists on your website. Why?
BIELUGA Expedition was initially designed as a car expedition and most of its elements, including the website, were adjusted to such character of the project. This, however, does not mean that experienced motorcyclists are not welcome as participants and that they will not receive full support from the organizers during the preparation stage. Feel free to call or e-mail us.


How are we going to prepare meals?
Each team should be self-sufficient in this respect. We recommend gas cookers (with spare bottles), dishes, cutlery, etc. - all tailored for tourists.

Should I take any maps with me?
Every team should have maps enabling them to return home from Istanbul. Maps of the selected sections on the Warsaw-Istanbul route will be distributed by the organizers. Additionally, we also recommend car maps of:
- Turkey (including the eastern part of the country)
- Moldova for GPS Garmin or PDA receivers (
- Ukraine (western and eastern parts of the country)
- Poland (available on any petrol station)


Are any vaccinations required?
No, they are not. However, we recommend to all participants the vaccination against A and B type jaundice

Do you provide medical aid?
Unfortunately there is no such possibility. Every team is responsible for themselves. They are also obliged to have a carry-on first-aid kit as well as fully equipped expedition first aid kit. Apart from that, close cooperation with consulates and embassies of particular countries enables us to arrange an emergency rescue operation in serious cases.

View pictures and films from the expedition and read the descriptions of different stages of the itinerary in the "Virtual Expedition" section.




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