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Katarzyna Tolwinska

She has been working in aviation for years – first as the Chief of Flight Attendants and the Flight Attendants Instructor in the White Eagle Aviation airlines, and then as the spokesperson and Public Relations Chief Specialist of the Ketrzyn Wilamowo airport, where she organizes a couple of aviation events a year, including “V European Aviation Fair” and The Friends of Aviation International Convention MAZURY AVIATION FESTIVAL. The latter is the biggest aviation event in Poland and the Wilamowo airport was called the most active center in propagating small aviation. She also deals with PR operations for “Aeroklub Krainy Jezior” and MILITARY PARK Fund, where she works on projects in cooperation with the Ministry of the National Defense.

She has always traveled a lot – she has been to Japan with the Representative Team ZHP GAWĘDA, then,  working for White Eagle Aviation, she reached various spots of Europe and Africa, the Indian Mombaj and the Canary Islands, where she used to live for six months. She traveled to the Scandinavian countries in the shortest way possible – crossing the Baltic Sea, and thus following one of her biggest passions – sailing. In order to feel fulfilled in her second passion – which is aviation, she only needs to change from the passenger’s place to the pilot’s one. In 2004 she participated in the off-road expedition to Kalmykia. Together with Przemek Maciazek she is working on the BIELUGA Expedition project.

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