BIELUGA Expedition

It is an international, 4x4 expedition in two parts and at the same time an information project dedicated to the countries on the Black, Azov and Caspian seas.

During the first part of the expedition participants, members of the most experienced Polish expedition teams, drove through the mountain, steppes and desert terrains of Eurasia past Caucasus and the heart of the Buddhist Kalmykia to the coast of the Caspian Sea.

According to the editorial team of the Off-Road PL magazine it was "one of the most interesting Polish expedition events that took place in 2005."

The second part of the expedition to start this year is going to lead around the Black Sea - participants are going to drive through Moldova, Georgian high Caucasus and southern volcanic rage as well as the rocky borders of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, through Bulgaria and Romania.

A large part of the itinerary runs through the area inhabited by one of the biggest and most precious fish in the world - Beluga sturgeon.

Expedition is open for teams from all countries provided they meet the requirements specified in FAQ section.

Thanks to satellite connection and GSM, the teams' struggles with wild nature, endless steppes and burning sun will be reported on in real time. Each day hot expedition news and the next part of knowledge base with information on the covered stage, the country or region the expedition is in and, in some cases, 3D satellite simulation of the area will be provided.

BIELUGA Expedition is served by three information centres, including a Mobile Press Office travelling with expedition participants. Thanks to this versatile communication, current and interesting news is distributed in real time to over three hundred journalists and editorial teams and published in the press room section of the BIELUGA Expedition website.

The very heart of the information project is our Virtual Tour - an animated map with a vast knowledge base on the covered itinerary; it includes texts, photos and films.

The organization of this complex project is possible thanks to cooperation with diplomatic posts of all the countries covered by the expedition, media patrons and partners with leading positions in their branches on the Polish and foreign markets. Thanks to them, the information part of BIELUGA Expedition can be based on the state-of-the-art computer, broadcasting and data distribution technologies and vehicles fittings.

Find out what can expect those who decide to join us: details in "Your challenge" section.




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